The Dark Bundle, A skin Bundle Idea

Ok this is gonna be a long one, but bear with me ;) Ok so Im a bit a Souls' game fan and I've been having this idea for a while and since Ive seen many friends and teamates in my games with knowledge of Dark Souls ,I thought I'd go through with posting it. It's a skin bundle based on some of the best characters Dark Souls had to offer and the most memorable from that game in my opinion, The 4 knights of Gwyn. So lets get started: 1. First off Artorias of the Abyss- Tryndamere!Artorias.jpg I love this character, by far the best in Souls games for me. I believe such a skin would be a perfect fit for Tryndamere. Artorias swings a Greatsword with his right arm since his left arm is broken after he's tainted by the Abyss.During his boss fight he howls and gets buffed by the Abyss' power which would fit in the concept of a Trynda ulting and getting that needed strength to survive the fight.Plus the whole stance/moveset are ridiculously similar. 2.Ornstein the DragonSlayer- Xin Zhao From a lore perspective Ornstein is the captain of the guard and a most celebrated knight sworn to protect the realm. Lighting fast spear strikes and thunder imbued dashes... see where im going with this ? Yeah fitting for Xin Zhao from lore and moveset perspective. 3.Lord's blade Ciaran- Katarina Lord Gwyn's head assassin , twin dagger wielder, extremely fast and agile assassin, yeah perfect fit for League of Legends' Katarina, not much more to say here. 4.Hawkeye Gough- Varus And finally Gough leader of the king's archers and best sharpshooter in the realm. Even blind he manages to shoot a dragon down from the sky while being miles away from him. While a giant in game, he still fits varus role and moveset but yeah those stacks and ult kind baffle me Ill admit. 5. Well this is a bundle and we still need a support for these guys but they're only 4. Hmm for a final skin I suggest the most popular , well known and recognised character in a Souls game, the knight of our hearts ,Solaire. And his partner will be... hmm this awesome artwork speaks for itself I think Yeah Leona, obviously and if this idea ever gets through I want a "praise the sun" recall animation. I know copyright will be an issue but i think the idea is worth the trouble of negotiating the use of these characters. After all if Im not mistaken the Warring Kingdoms skins must have been after agreement with Koei-Tecmo for use of their assets in the Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV and Tryndamere skins which are identical to their appearance in the warrior series. Anyway that's it from me, sorry for the long post and I hope you like this idea as much as I do. Give me your feedback and don't forget to upvote if you think this is worth. See you all on the rift!
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