[BUG] Thresh no longer ranged, nor melee.

• Server: EUW (Probably all) • Type of Bug: IG Bug (If it is indeed a bug) • Description: Thresh no longer interacts with/can buy Runaan's Hurricane {{item:3085}} when he is still ranged (or was), Yet he does not interact with melee items either, such as Relic Shield {{item:3302}} second passive and so on. • Video / Screenshot: N/A (No need for any) • Reproduction steps: Buy Relic Shield and try it, or try to buy Runaan. • Expected result: Thresh {{champion:412}} to interact properly with Relic or Runaan. • Observed result: He does not interact properly with Relic nor can he buy Runaan. • Reproduction rate: 100% I may be wrong and this may or may not be a bug, however it was not announced in any patch notes that I could find. Some kind, any kind of information on the matter would be much appreciated, especially when we are talking about one of the most popular supports out there.

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