Ideas For a Better Report System. Opinions Included. Long post. Not 100% Thought Through, Discuss!!!

As much of you are ''Happy'' with the new automated system. Until the tribunal comes back from it's slumber. It is unfairly punishing some of those who stand up to trolls, flamers or feeders. Yes it may be unacceptable but why should someone who caused the shit have the right to report someone standing up to them and then getting them punished in the same way as the offender. It's like self defence but instead of self defence it's the eye for an eye policy. Also those who deserve to get banned are actually exploiting the system by getting others punished for standing up to them. Firstly they need to fix matchmaking. Recently I watched a video online that explained why some people are douches in game. Main issue being matchmaking **when you get matched with people who either troll or don't want to be part of the team, when it's a TEAMWORK orientated game**. But flame you when they die. Or they steal your role and force you elsewhere (This happens in the new Q) or intentionally feed because a support missed a couple engages etc... The list can be endless. It really tilts players who want to progress, it really does impact them negatively and you can't say go play a different game or take a break and come back because it will happen to them as soon as they come back from a break. And one cannot simply quit league of legends when they try to persist through the negative scenarios when despite the matchmaking they actually love the game, the characters, the skins etc.. The summoners code may need to be revised and edited by Riot themselves to help benefit all players or everyone is viable to be reported for any and every negative bit of behaviour. Even the little irrelevant things, that people will find petty and dumb founding. As far as the automated system goes. I strongly agree with the 14 day ban then the permanent suspension that follows if you keep offending. But they should really concentrate on improving punishments to the right type of players. 1. Some of you may disagree but they should limit everyone to have 3 accounts to one email. And if they break the rules and get punished on any account they make. They should get an email telling them the accounts linked to there email are now being audited to track there behaviour so they can't log onto there next account to cause chaos for everyone. (This hasn't been thought all the way through, there ideas coming fresh from my insanity) :) 2. They should really fully investigate chat logs for reports, time stamps etc... To actually see who caused the negative impact on the game warn them and punish them after consistent offences(like the way 3 reports against you works). Then warn those who chose to fight back that even though it's great they stood up to a troll. They just shouldn't do it in capslock and swear words etc.... Kinda know where I'm going? I don't want it to give people the right to go around saying fuck you troll, or feeder etc..... But they shouldn't get punished the same way as a troll, or toxic player does. 3. At the moment the system feels like it is very automated, I don't know if it's because they lack staff, or they're trying to globally set a certain response time to people, or money saving etc.... But a game I played in the past, I was getting abused heavily in private messages from someone I refused to help in game because I was busy. They wrote all sorts of garbage to me, me being a few years younger gave it back as good as they gave it, and ignored them. I went to log into this game later and was banned for 2 days. I was like what? Contacted the game support and they **ACTUALLY investigated what happened, fully apologized to me for incorrectly banning me.** An the offender was never heard from again. Like I wouldn't of reacted the way I did if the offender didn't abuse me and pester me. There are all forms of mute buttons in every game, it doesn't mean everyone will use them. But league expects you to use it religiously. Going back to number 2^. It may seems like a lot of work. But maybe bring back ranked game bans but an improved version. Leading to your account being permanently banned from ranked games. Same thing to apply to normal game modes. Because **things DO get heated in ranked**. It's a competitive esport for crying out loud. There are people who have had a minor outburst in games and apologised and everyone accepted it and it was cool. But you can easily tell the difference between toxic players and someone who has an outburst because they're in the same series for the 5th time due to recent bad luck and trolls. Some people even avoid ranked because they know they can have fun in normals. Lastly - You have your category of players. My personal opinion is : 1. **Trolls/griefers/afk/feeders**. So pretty much them aspects are into the Troll faction. Punishments as all fair things go minor warning then punshed - game mode bans etc... 2. ** Verbally abusive, negative attitude, aggressive, hate speech, cancer wisher, death wishers,flaming.** This would come under the Toxic faction. There attitude and actions are unacceptable to say the least. Severe punishment needs to be given to these players to at least try stop them coming back, if they don't change there ways. **People in this category are probably getting up to 10 or more players punished for standing up to them before they get banned.** 3. Then lastly those who fight back, passive aggressive because if provoked they'll stand up for themselves, negative attitude due to current matchmaking or because someone has stole there role/position in the game and they're forced somewhere else. These types of players are the ones who generally get the shit kicked out of them for thinking it's ok was to stand up for themselves. Although in some cases they may be wrong to do so. You shouldn't discourage it. Warnings must also be dished out to these types of players. It can vary as some actually flame back. All can be determined by proper investigation and chat logs. Again there are probably some holes in this post. Not 100% thought through. All fresh from the top of my head. Discuss!!!!
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