[BUG] Nidalee's traps work on.. wards' debris?

[MAJOR BUG?] • Server: EUNE • Type of Bug: in-game bug • Description: If i put a trap on an enemy ward, when it expires, the debris will 'take' my trap and (instead of taking damage) will show 'invulnerable'. Should this happen? I mean, wards aren't supposed to clear my traps just by.. expiring. • Video / Screenshot: don't have • Reproduction steps: 1. Enemy has to place a ward somewhere. 2. Nidalee has to put a trap [Bushwhack] on that ward. 3. Wait for the ward to expire, then see the magic. • Expected result: When the ward expires, it will 'take' the trap and instead of taking damage it will show the "Invulnerable' message • Observed result: It will bug me [Nidalee] and I will see my 'to-jump' range • Reproduction rate: mostly everytime, i'd say 8/10

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