Wukong's W + Relic Shield (possible bug)

Hey everyone. So I was trying out Wukong vs bots today, we had a double top, me with another player, so I decided to pick up relic shield for that extra sustain {{champion:62}} +{{item:3302}} . What I noticed tho, is that Wukong's W can proc relic shield charges for Wukong himself. I mean, I was alone at the lane, used my W and my spinning clone killed a minion; then I received the health and double gold for that minion. This could possibly be exploited so I think it should be fixed, unless it's working as intended (?). Anyway, if you need more information on this I can repeat the process and provide proof if needed, although you can easily check this out on your own. I'm new to the boards so if this is the wrong section or anything, let me know. Thanks for your time
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