[EUW] - Professional Slayers (Community)- for silver- gold - plat players

**We are Professional Slayers Community,** This is how our community works based on **Squad system: ** You will join Professional Slayers **Discord Server**, and after that, you must **"apply for Squad"**, in order to get **premade Teammates for Dou\solo and Flex Q matchups** which help you to **climb faster, without Troll players.** Read the Following Rules **Carefully**: 1. minimum rank to join us,** is Silver V on Dou\solo**, and** finished placement on Flex Q.** 2. Do not troll on your** teammates**, **AFK **on purpose, flame to your **teammates**, or **KID rage on voice chat**. 3. You must have **working Mic**, in order to **communicate **and **increase **your chances to **win **the game. How to Apply: 1. add me in **EUW: boss pak** 2. be **18+** only 2. you will be asked your **main and second role **(MID, ADC, etc). 3. you will get **invited **to our **Discord server**, to** apply for Squad** _Let's have fun together than playing alone._

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