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Hello my reader, For a long time I was playing eighter league Solo, or with a few friends, but as soon as those friends faded away, I was on the lookout for a community to play league with and amuse myself. At first I did find one, and was a happy member for over a year, but now that also this one is falling appart, I'm looking out for a new community. (Any KG or CV recruitment will be ignored) What am I looking for in a clan? - A lot of EUW players that also are online at evenings. (I will check out your ts or discord before I make some apply) - Friendly playerbase - Decent management. What do I offer for the clan? - Free coaching, I like to help out people climb and have some fun. - Just a nice person to talk to and play with - Loyal member Currently I've lost myself in league, wondering around on the rift, looking for what I want to become, I do have a few smurf accounts, but since I climbed my way up with support, semi OTP, I feel that it's time for me to find some new champs and roles, So thats why I need a community to support me. Have a nice time with, while learning a new role and all of it's assets. Does this sound like the type of member you want? Reply to this post And hope to see you soon!

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