Creating High Plat / Low Diam Team. LF SUPPORT.

I'm looking for; - fluent english speakers (dutch is a plus) - d5-d3 solo Q - minimum 5 champs per role with variations (5x AD assassin mid doesn't count) - an adc - TAKEN - - a support - mid AND jungler (1 player, 5 champs each role) - TAKEN - - competitive players, we play for the team. - positive players, nothing wrong with criticism but keep it constructive and rational. - no whining or shitty behaviour - skype is a must - available to play mon-fri evenings If you are interested, post the following details; - ign - age - soloQ exp (s1, s2 etc) - country & languages - role(s) you apply for and role(s) you have mastered - add some (short) text why you should be picked or why you want to join :)

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