Forming Gold+ Team for weekly tournaments+practices - Looking for more

Hello everyone, I am attempting to created a Full Gold team. A little back-ground on me is that I have been playing since 2010, never really wanted to climb competitively until recently. I speak English, and am looking forward to having more people to play with because queing as 5 and actually learning how to play as a team is a lot more fun than the solo-q type of games. Current Roster: Top: 2 try-outs/still available Jungle: 1 try-out/still available Mid: Still available ADC: Me Support: Supportmania/Sub spot available Requirements: - So Age doesn't really matter here, as long as you are here to improve, have fun, and be willing to always put the team first when it comes to champ select; for example, spamming 1 champ in a specific role simply because it is broken, and will give the_** team**_ the best chance to win. - Also, I expect everyone, including myself, to learn the current meta champions at their respective role. "Why exactly do we need to learn meta champs. I'm a OTP thresh?" On my last team we had a coach and one thing he always told us is "if you do not learn/play meta champions, you will never win a tournament". So that's why. - Play times. Everyone has lives, so do I, but I still want to have a constant team that knows and trusts everyone will be on at the same time so we can enjoy the game together. The following times are going to be practice times during the week, and at the beginning of that week, we will be discussing what day everyone will be available for a weekly tournament so we all know when we need to be on. The following times will be in UTC+2 Monday: 1900-2200 Wednesday: 1900-2200 Tournament days: would like them to be Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday; but as I said above, as a team we can decide this during practice days. - Last but not least, do not join if you do not want to have some fun{{champion:17}} How to apply: Please use the following format and post a reply, I will get back with you ASAP; thank you for reading and good luck everyone. IGN: Role you wish to play(you may put a 2nd role if you would like): Current Rank/Highest Rank: Top 5 Champions in respective role: What makes you want to join this team? - Ðąrk {{champion:22}}
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