Jungle and Support LF Ranked Team Members

Hello Guys our names are WhyIsAPieBlue and Cymic. We are looking for a Toplaner, Midlaner and an Adc to form a **serious** Ranked Team. We are looking for active Members who can play about 3 or more evenings a week. We gonna use scheduls and stuff to make it as organised as possible. We are both from Switzerland so we speak obviously german and a quiet good english. We don't really care what Elo you are in Solo Q, but the lower Elo players have to respect that we still prefer taking the higher ranks. We both already played together in some Ranked Teams so we already have some experience. It seems to be that way, that WhyIsAPieblue gonna be the Shotcaller, because he is experienced in doing this and as a jungler it works best. We play for fun and to improve our Skills in game and communication, so you must have a **good working Mic**. We'll communicate with Skype but if you have a Ts3 Server we could use it would be awesome as well. Hope to see ya soon WhyIsAPieBlue and Cymic add Cymic in Game
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