Forming a new team. [4PPL/PLAT/DIAM+]

@EDIT: NEED MID LANER Positions left: - TOP - taken - MID - ADC - taken - JUNGLE - taken Team Requirements: 1. Plat+ 2. TS3 3. Being mature 4. Time _1. I expect plays on the higher level than Gold/Plat V, so please, add me if you are at least PLAT II. 2. Having a headest is necessary. We will communicate by TeamSpeak. 3. There is no age limit, but you have to be mature, do not rage because of dumb reasons etc. 4. Having a time is a basic thing. I don't mean to play all day since I understand that everyone has their own lifes that they have to take care of. That's why I suggest to determine few days a week and hours that everyone can take some time to play_ Team Objectives: - Practice, practice and practice - Tournaments Few things about me: - I'm 20 - Playing Support - Diamond V - ing name: je suis fatigué
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