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HI my name is Leon "Midas" and I am creating a responsible ranked community. We are already 4 people ( me included), but we dont have a limited storage for new members. Here's a list for what expectations you should meet : - [You should be between 14 and 17 years old ( I'm 16)] Ok f*ck this age is not important xD - Your elo should be not higher than Silver 3-2 (I'm Silver 5 currently) If your elo is lower thats no problem - You should be nice to each other and not toxic or arrogant ( I despise toxic people) - You should understand basic english to communicate ( I'm from germany but i guess i understand enought to communicate) At first i want to say that i don't want so get carried out of my elo, but i think 5 nice and responsible players can work together to help each other in ranked. I came up with this idea because i get more trolls and especially toxic people in ranked from time to time and my friends already gave up on ranked mostly. If you add me with my profile "therealmidas", i will add you to the group and we hopefuily have a good time together. Again i don't want to get carried i just want to have a good time with some nice people and climb in ranked. Have a nice day{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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