[EUW] Searching for 3 CLASH mates and 1 substitute (Silver-Gold)

Hi everybody, me and my friend are creating a team for the uppcoming CLASH tournament at the 20th May. First of all about ourselfs: We are both 17 y/o, playing this game since over 3 years and have the appropriate language skills to communicate with each other in english. We are from Germany but we will also pick non-Germans if you are at least silver and have decent gameknowledge. I am silver 2 atm (were gold for the last 3 seasons, and im only silver because i only played around 40 games this season) and my friend is gold 5. Our peek was gold 1. my IGN: JFK DID NOT WARD friends IGN: Joccerica What we are searching for: -Roles: Jungle and ADC are taken by me and my friend. So we are obviously searching for Toplaner,Midlaner and Supporter. Maybe we can also find a substitute. -Disposablility: CLASH takes place on the 25th,26th and 27th May. Participation in the CLASH tournament requires that u will be able to play at all 3 days. We are both daily online and ready to play flex queue anytime because we are on school vacation at the moment. -Communication: We are using Discord to communicate but could also use TeamSpeak if that would make it easier. In addition we won't accept flaming,blaming or anything else like that. You should be open for criticism though and can always criticise things you don't like. to apply, you just have to write your summoner name, aswell as your position, champions and rank under this thread. Peace out {{item:2011}}
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