Sensei eSports is looking for new Players for our Female Team

Hi there, During 2015 we had one of the best EU challenger teams where we were placed 1,2 and 3 on the EUW challenger ladder as well as winning multiple online and offline tournaments. Having expanded and rebranded into other games, Sensei (initially named Enigma Esports), now boasts a H1Z1 team, representation in Street Fighter and various LOL teams. We strive to provide not only a stable environment for the players and teams to achieve their Esports goals, but to form symbiotic relationships with companies which stand to benefit from the marketing opportunities in Esports. For further information about our organisation check: We have a dedicated management team who have been actively involved within the Esports scene for a number of years, with a majority of that time being spent in management roles. They will provide our teams with; the Support, Structure, Professionalism, Encouragement, Dedication and Commitment that they need to achieve their goals and represent Sensei in the best manner possible. Are you looking for a team to compete at higher tier tournaments and play on Lan Events? Well then... The Sensei Female League of Legends Team is looking for committed and dedicated players to join our forces. As already in the title mentioned, we are looking for determined female players who are ready to sacrifice a lot of their freetime to achieve their and our goals in competitive tournaments and establish a longterm relationship in between all team members. Our goal is to make the best female team in the scene. To achieve this goal we are going to play the upcoming female cups and always strive for the first place. To create such a synergy and to be able to contributes accordingly you need to have all of the following attributes. What we are looking for: * Commitment * Sportsmanship * Willingness and patience to learn * Act with professionalism and integrity * Age of 17+ and mature * Ability to take criticism * The positive mindset to be able to work as a part of the team * Lots of leisure to dedicate to the team * Communication skills and being able to speak english * Be loyal to the team * Have a sense of humour and fun playing * Basic knowledge of the game and your role / Plat+ * Dedication to improve in your role What can you expect from us: * Fully functional Teamspeak 3 * Competent management, clear stucture and coaching for the team * As much support as possible from our organisation If you feel that you want to take on the challenge of being a part of the Sensei Female Team and you would like more information about the team and how to trial for us (or if you know someone who does and would like to recommend them to us), please contact me in game. In Game Name: Pew Bakura
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