In Effect looking for DIA V+ JUNGLER and BOTTOM

We are a team consisting of players in low diamond with peaks of high diamond and playing together for a long time now . Although 3 months ago our AD Carry + Jungler left the team as they didn't have time anymore to play, we now want to rebuild the team and start playing tournaments + Clash again. We are searching for players matching our goals with at least being DIAMOND V in SoloQ, having an ambitious and mature mindset willing to improve and taking the time to play in a team on a regular basis. Our goal is not to be pro players, but we want to focus on improving individually and as a team, scrimming/practicing 2-3 times a week + playing tournaments like Go4Lol and Clash on the weekends and go as high as we can. We offer a friendly and competitive environment looking forward to build a team for the longterm with the aim of winning some more tournaments. If you are interested by now feel free to message me on Dischord or on League. My summoner name is "XDemi" or if i'm on my smurf "XDeminem"

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