Making Ranked Team!!!

Hi I am looking for players to make a ranked team with. I want this to be a ranked team where we will improve together over season 6 and put in the effort to improve not just to play around and have a laugh. Of course we will want to have fun but the team will be serious with improvements and looking at replays to improve our mechanics and team play. Also playing ranked season 6 together will be a great way to improve individually and as a group :). I will be looking for people over the course of a few days to try and get people that have a similar attitude towards the team as the rest of us so if you don't have patience to wait don't even apply. Don't add me in game, if you do I will decline because if you give me a good application then I will add you. If anyone can't keep to schedules or argues a lot or even tilts too hard will be dealt with by either kicking from the team or placed as a sub. I want to look at competing at a tournament level even if it is small ones to get experience as a team and to see rewards for our hard work. I am looking for: (I have posted several times already and try-outs are beginning but still time to become part of it!) Top lane Jungle(Need!) Middle lane Support Several subs not sure on how many till i see our players and their availability. Please give me the details: IGN: Age: Country: Rank last season: Role: Available times: Experience(other ranked teams/soloQ): Champion pool/playstyle: Why do you want to join: Biggest weakness and strength: Me IGN: LRFT Cusax Age: 18 Country: England Rank: Gold V Role: Adc Available times: all evenings. Experience: Several ranked team most fail because of poor building of the team or people no being committed. Highest 18win Silver 3 Champion pool: Lane dominant such as lucian,MF but also utility such as Sivir. Biggest weakness and strength: Weakness is i can zone in to a skirmish and not see a jungler or tp coming in so need support to help with pings. Strength is my lane phase is very good and get leads and put enemy behind. I look forward to reading replies. Also my thoughts go out to France and all those affected by the terrible attack on Paris. -LRFT Cusax
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