New team recruiting PLAT/DIAMOND+ (all lanes)

**EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE EUNE ** Hello I am Lokini and I want to start a new, very serious 5v5s ranked team which I have been trying to do for a long time but it has never worked out because I can't ever find the right people that are willing to put enough work in this as I am. I am looking for very serious people that are willing to give most (not all) of their free time playing league with the team and trying to improve their in-game performance & also have fun. I have got a D4 team which we started this year but people are busy so we can't keep it going . The team so far : **Top **- FREE **Jungle **- FREE **Mid **- Lokini (Can play all lanes tho) **ADC **- FREE **Support** - Free To apply to join the team you must : - Be over the age of 16 ; - Be Plat/Dia in SoloQ or Dia in 5v5s ranked ; - Be able to play most of the days (we will have a schedule) (If you are not online for a day you have to warn me before that happens so we don't waste peoples time ; - Be serious about the team ; - Have some experience in 5v5s ranked team ; - Be able to communicate clearly in English on Skype or TS ; - Be able to take criticism ; - Have a deep champion pool. Application MUST be filled in the comments if you want to join: **How long can you roughly play every day : In-game name : Age : From : Role : Division : Why do you think you are not a higher division : 5v5s ranked experience in the past : Champion pool (Your most comfortable/best) : Why do you want to join this team : ** Do not add me in-game if you haven't filled an application at the bottom in the comment section, I won't accept! Thank you for your time!
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