Top and mid laner wanted (bronze-silver)

Tenax is a newly formed team which is currently seeking players. We will be a team that improve together with constructive criticism not any flame or abuse, any of that will have you kick because of our zero tolerance towards it. We will have tryouts which will include 1 spectate then 1 game together (don't like it don't apply this is my way of finding the best players I can). A shot caller will be assigned once the roster has played several games together to see who speaks most and makes the best calls. Tournaments will be a target once we have a decent team synergy. Requirement: Be able to play a min of 3 days a week. Speak clear English! High bronze - high silver. Working mic and Skype. The wanting to improve as players not just to win games. Be ready to receive advice and constructive criticism. Must be 16+ Have a varied Champion pool. Application (Must be filled out) Name: Country: Rank: Role: Comfortable Champions: Champs you are learning: Reason for applying: Roster: Top: Jung: Space Sheep Mid: Adc: Masax Supp: Telepinu Subs avaliable: Good luck all and thanks so much for reading :). -Masax
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