EUNE clash team looking for MID and TOP

Hi guys I know its a bit early, but we dont want to be caught in the last minute searching for members and substitutes, so we are here to tell you that we are missing TOP and MID for our team. If you are rank: GOLD 3 - DIA , are positive and +18, are maining MID or TOP please let me know by adding my account on client - Zariyah Vaeros. We will be trying couple of games till the tournament starts during this weak and next one. :) Discord comunication will be discussed later on since our last expirience wasnt the best one due to really bad mics and not so good english ( not that I blame, but was hard to comunicate and a bit missleading ). We are currently: ADC dia 5, SUPP plat 2, JUNGLE gold V. So we will be playing in TEAR II groups, come prepared since thirsty diamonds are looking for our nooby ass-es xd See ya and good luck to everyone

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