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Hello everyone, I am SyrJones, a member of Damage Incorporated. We are a very active multi gaming community with a lot of people. We have all sorts of events, to meet those casual stress free needs. We also have a 5v5 competitive teams that vary in elo, so any and everyone is welcome(We are growing in numbers everyday so new teams are made regularly, dont feel that you'll get left out). With our big numbers and friendly community playing solo could be a thing of the past, there is always someone online that's looking for a duo (we all want someone to hold our hand and supress that inna troll). As this community is so big we have a structured way of ensuring all information is reached to our members. This is done thought our forum. The forum is home base and we require people to be highly active, as it keep everyone in the loop with whats happening in our world. In order to become a part of the community you need: -To be willing to work on being a member of DI ( we want commited members). -Be willing to participate in our casual events (So we can get to know you better) -Have Teamspeak (this is a must, Mic or no). So, if you want to experience a different way in playing League of legends and you're interested in joining our community then visit the link below and read carefully!! https://di.community/topic/2-~how-to-join-damage-incorporated~/ If you need help with the application, got any DI related questions then please do not hesitate to add me and ask away. Stupid questions are perfectly acceptable ;). League name is: SyrJones Look forward to hearing from you!
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