Looking for a Support

I usually don't play with people I'm more of a Solo type of guy but I was thinking of starting to play with a support, I play ADC and have done for quite some time... I'm not the best but I'm far from the worst, I was on a team that reach diamond while I mained ADC so I have to have a little skill... Maybe. I'm looking to play some normals with a support around plat level, don't worry if you don't have a large champion pool that doesn't matter to me all you need is to play 1 champion but to play it well. Also, knowing what to do in the bot lane is super important, support is not a role where you can go afk in lane, in fact, you need to be the most active. If you know your match ups, know how to play bot lane, how to 2v2 and know what to do in a 2v3 / 2v4 situation, feel free to add me in game.

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