Rekkan is Back (Community Gaming)

My friend created the team, I liked it! Anyway, the idea behind "Rekkan is Back" is to form up a group of individuals that like playing League of Legends! It's okay if you take the game seriously, it's okay if you don't! We aim to build a strong community of newbies and veterans that enjoy themselves playing Normals, Ranked, Dominion and/or ARAMs. We'd like to take it slowly, recruiting a couple of people at a time in order to bond with each other and with Poros. Yes, because Poros are important! The goal is to learn, practice and teach with each other, but most importantly to HAVE FUN! If you think you don't rage and you want to enter tournaments in the future or just looking for a group of people to hang out with because real life is sad and dark and... JUST KNOW WE ARE HERE! :) Requirements: - Like Poros; - Enjoy playing League of Legends; - Speak English (you don't have to be fluent, but it's important that you understand a bit and know how to express yourself in the language. I think knowing what this thread is all about is enough, considering it's in English :P); - Play Ranked to win, but with a level head, open to criticism and ready to adapt one self. More info about this if you're interested and want to talk it over! Ranked section will be a bit more demanding, but hopefully rewarding for who wants to join!; - Don't take the game too seriously! It's okay if you like playing all day or whatever, but we don't want to play with people that take the game too seriously. That means no shaming, no blaming, no trolling your teammates. Be mindful and respectful! (Also don't shame or blame your enemy team. Yes, it's partly their fault they're losing, but aren't you kicking ass as well?!) - A bit about me: I play since S1 and the best I ever got so far even with streams and guides and stuff like that was Gold IV, sinking to Gold V in S3 (or 4? )! I'm currently Silver II. You may be thinking, "oh dude, you guys are low ELO and stuff" - considering my friend is Gold IV, buuuuuuuuut... why don't the Platinum fellows join in and discuss tactics and gameplay? :D IMPROVEMENT FOR ALL! (you'll be rewarded with self-satisfaction for helping another human being in a game that doesn't really matter! but it's sooo fuuun and filled with hours of sweat, tears and victory shouts (only on teamspeak and caps lock on chat)!! yaaaaaay!!!) I'm a n00b, but I love playing League of Legends, learned to master the Way of the No Raging and occasionally role-play the Champions I pick in the team and all chat (it's fun and I guess some people like it, so WHY NOT KEEP DOING IT?!) I prefer playing the roles of Tank, Fighter and Support. I can fill in any role or lane, however! We are currently made of like... three people. One of them is a best friend in real life (the one who named the team) and I actually met the other once and he's cool! I'm a cool people magnet! (and humble, right? haha) So why are you wasting time?! Add me! IGN: Rekkan You will get to keep in touch with the silly me and get to know the SERIOUS, CREEPY, DARK me... No, really, I can be serious. See you in the Fields of Justice, Summoners! PS: Did I mention we can discuss strategies over a glass of milk? Tea, maybe?
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