LF coaching in jungle/top

Hi, Im 19 and from Norway. As the headline says Im looking for someone to help me learn and be better in jungle and top lane, or one of them at least. I want to learn jungle, because I allready been playing it alitle and I like it. I also wanna learn top if possible, cause I rather go top than mid or adc. **Litle about me:** I have only been playing season 5, I started leveling when Kalista came out. So I dont have alot of overall experience. I have only been focusing on being good in support, but I dont want to be bounded by one role, and it can be boring sometimes. Things I know i struggle with is farming, positioning, roaming, playmaking, items, runes, masteries.. kinda the most. Im used to ward and peel for damage dealers, from the support role. Im a complete noob when I get another role, but thats what i want to change. As a support I can play the most. Im most comfortable with peeling supports, but can play aggressive. Recently there is few aggresive adc at my elo so I fallen behind with the aggresive plays as support. Im a fast learner, and I want to improve. I got to gold 2 as highest in season 5 as support, and this was my first season. Im looking for going higher : ) Im looking for a someone to help me, not by one lesson where you say this could be good and this not. I dont learn from that tbh. I learn by playing. I want someone who can play with me, some that can be funny and helpfull. I ask more for a friend who can help me, than a coach who is akward and uncomfortable. Add me in game if you want to talk more: Lady From Norway
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