Support main Looking for ADC Gold+ Duo partner

Currently Gold II just looking for a adc main to duo with, I'm really chill and . My champion pool is extensive so I have ranked them from **MASTERED** which means I have extensive knowledge and very confident with the pick to **RISKY **which means I may have a few rough edges and not very confident on the pick as of this point in time **MASTERED SUPPORTS** (played over 100 games with) {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:40}} **COMFORTABLE SUPPORTS** (played around 50 games with) {{champion:267}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} **RISKY SUPPORTS** (Played just under 25 games with) {{champion:9}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} DISCORD NOT REQUIRED!!! but optional ADD: TheChosenOne TCO EDIT: I have got a partner but feel free to add as I play alot almost every day
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