Hello there, Warmane is looking to expand with more talented gamers for the new upcoming season 6. If you are the person with exceptional talent and passion for league of legends looking to be part of a serious team called "**WARMANE**", check the newly open vacancies listed below and contact the responsable person for recruitment. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Currently **seeking for a toplaner** with extensive experience in his/her role. Vacancies: Tryouts Requirements: - Dedicate ± 12 hours a week - Currently competing in a high bracket ( solo Queue / Team 5 Diamond 1+) - Ability in reviewing old games, and actively participating in discussions. - Ability to work within a team. - Able to communicate with a decent microphone (no background noise) trough Skype, Teamspeak3. - Ability to attend group games and scrims. - Ability to speak fluently english (being understandable) Preference: - Previous experience in a high ELO league of legends team is a bonus. - Extensive League of Legends knowledge is a bonus. Please do not waste your nor our time, if you're not capable of achieving this. Every single person joining this team is serious about this and will only accept other team mates with the same mindset. [CURRENT ROSTER] TOP: **Open** JUNGLE: Kv0th3 [ 328 LP Master tier / 225 LP Challenger 5's Ranked] MID: Asunahype [574 LP Challenger] AD Carry: HQ Storm [Master Tier 0 LP] SUPPORT: fkn pathetic [Master Tier 12LP] If you're interested in one of the open vacancies or do you have any question, please add "**DUPLOC**" to your friend list.
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