SERIOUS Diamond Team LF Coach & Manager *PLEASE READ*

Hello Guys, First thing is first. Just so as i don't waste your time, if you are not 100% serious and committed to being in a high elo team with goals of moving forward and playing in a potentially professional environment. Then do not waste your time applying. If not I hope you are interested in what i have to say. So for a start, I have been in WAY TOO MANY teams that go all serious for maybe 2 weeks, then players leave and then it is literally 1 replacement after another, I'm not looking for that, I don't want to be in charge of that anymore. I am looking for players (as specified below) that are 100% serious in committing to a team and pushing as far as possible and improving. As for myself, I am 20 from UK and I will be the support of the team. I have experience in many high elo teams and with the experience i have I am more than capable of making this a successful team as well as knowing a handful of Orgs that we can get into and eventually participate in LANs Furthermore, I am looking for the following roles for the team: TOP : Blazebit / RejectSlade JUNGLE : K3nster / Valenjin MID : Dinglemang / Slavonic ADC : OKS Luna / Primal Udyr SUPPORT : MYSELF What do i expect of you? Must be at least 18+ for tournaments and LAN events (some exceptions can be made) Must be from UK (Again exceptions can be made if you are willing to travel to LAN events) Must have TS and a working mic (pretty much a given for any team) Must have a positive mental attitude, and a thirst for improvement (no flamers or toxic player will be tolerated. We all tilt but please keep it professional) Must have experience Coaching and managing high elo teams previously. I cannot stress enough how serious this team is and how much of an ambition i have to make this a big team. eventually maybe 6/8 months down the line I will be in touch with potential sponsorships depending on how well we do in tournaments and what results we get as a team, the org will happen as soon as I decide on the roster for us. Finally, which may be the most exciting, because of money i have saved over the last 8 years, I will be setting up a gaming house in the midlands of the UK (probably birmingham where insomnia is hosted) with the team, but this won't be until I am 100% certain that we will stay as a team for around a year or so and solidifying spots in tournaments. I won't lie to you, I'm not the best player or manager, but I have a want to improve like nobody else, this is my dream and I will chase it as much as i possibly can, if you share this passion with me then i urge you to add me and message me about this. I hope I reached out to anybody interested and look forward to hearing from you, If you are not interested then good luck in your search :D NB Rubix
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