* 50 Shades of ayyy * Looking for support for Ranked 5s

Hello fellow summoners, Our team is looking for a support to finish of our ranked 5v5 team, we've been playing together for years so we have good teamwork & we are looking for a team to climb, keep learning, progressing etc. You also have to be active, atleast be able to play 3/4 times a week, more = better. So if ur interrested read further :* **Roster:** Top Lane: Reletiv - S2 Jungle: wiekzR - G5 Mid Lane: Navaho - S2 Marksman: Stylox Support: You? So, for the people that are interested please fill in this form either by posting a reply on this topic or adding Navaho in-game & send it to him. Summoners Name: Division: Age: Nationality: Top 3 Champs:
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