Looking for bronze - silver players who focuses on objectives

(I know the title is ironic, if they do why would they be in bronze right? :D Well here I'm) I'm silver IV from placements. I play a verity of roles and usually do well, for eg this is my match history playing today's free rotation champions, playing each of this champions for the very first time: https://imgur.com/a/c283O. I usually get matched with bronze players who simply runs around the map without vision trying to kill people without pushing their lanes for no good reason. I often find my self in a position where I have to clear all 3 lanes while my team is fighting and dying 4v5 for no objective at all. I do my best to tell them what to do (try to do "shotcalling") which most of the people don't understand and consider as flaming them. Due to this I dropped my honor level, which is why I'm making this post. I'm looking for some friends in low elo who "focuses on objectives", has some map awareness and at least puts a ward here and there when it's up (I'm not even talking about vision control). I'd love to have some friends who does things in the game for a reason/ or doesn't get offended when someone tells them what to do in order to win game (Which is by destroying enemy nexus, not just by killing the enemies - if you know what I mean, add me). Thanks IGN: Shad0wDeath

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