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Hello everyone, A few months ago i started a EUW gaming community that revolves around having a fun environment on teamspeak for members of all sort. The purpose of the teamspeak community is for people of all sorts to play games and chat on with out being judged and having to deal with sign up processes. We used to have 40-50 members at a time but now we are only getting 10-15 at our peek hours. Perhaps the issue is that I am a born coach and not a leader so I am looking for leaders to help with the administration of the Community. To make sure that the power is balanced, I think having 2 leaders would be beneficial. If you would like to apply for Community Leader and you think you fit the requirements then sill out the Application and add me on league. This position is a volunteer position. Requirements to apply for Community Leader Must be at least 17 years of age but prefer 18+ Must speak flawless English Must be very mature Must be able to resolve conflicts of any aptitude Must be online on teamspeak 3 working on the server at least 15 hours a week Application Country: Name: Why are you applying? Tell me about your self, What do you enjoy doing other than League?: Age:
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