Dia5 Mid/Support/Top looking for ranked team of Dias/high plats. EUW, OR Duo with adc diamond.

Hello, im **BgB** Im a 26 year old from spain and with alot of experience in gaming in general. I've been playing the game since release. Got no issues on talking in skypes, ts3,etc... be it in english or spanish. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had played all lanes over the years but my main lanes right now for this season are mid, support and top. **My best mids:** Annie, Morgana, Orianna, Vlad, Lux. **My supports:** Janna, Alistar,Morgana, Nautilus, Nami, Annie, Soraka, brand, shen. **Top laners:** Nasus, Malphite, Vlad Can play other champs and other roles, and in other years I mained quite alot of champs in all lanes, but right now i feel those are the ones i play at my best level. The meta of the jungle is so different from when i mained it rarely ever play jungle now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Available times:** GMT +1 This my biggest setback. Between work and life i have a hard time getting time to play. This hasnt been a problem at soloQ but could be an issue on teams. I may log in the afternoons and at nights, **when i will be online for sure is at 22:00 to 24:00 on working days**. I might log on sooner but im usually eating/getting things done and not available to give 100% to game. On weekends its extremely chaotic and i may not be able to log at all till sunday night or I could log on some hours on saturday to play with the team if I get to know in time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **The team must be diamond/high plat.** Why? Because ive spend the 5 years basically lecturing friends or teammates how to play and im sincerely bored. I can do it again to some extend but i want a team of people who might be even better than me and learn from them or be at par, so i can see how far i can achieve in a team. **Why me?** Well for starters im a team player, i raided in many mmorpg/other team games and understand how important is to have a good communication. I dont like dramas or egos, im a calm person and i understand the "flow" of the game and strategies that have been played over the years. My knowledge of the game is extense. For me, its all about finding a good group of people likeminded and skilled and practice, practice, practice as group. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the long post, dont know if somebody will care to read it all, haha. Btw if youre a diamond Adc and are looking for a support to duoQ i would be glad to try and see if we can work it too.
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