LF Hypercarry Jungle abusing Support+Jungle or ADC Cait/Xayah etc. P2+

Captured with Lightshot
Start of Season got me struggling a bit, looking for a Jungler i can abuse some Jungle/Top with (Screen is from a Account i started with a friend of mine (banned) so i went back onto my "main") I have played alot of Twisted Treeline (d1 70%+ w/r) so far, but Solo Q got the better of me. Last Season i got to d5 within 40-50 Games on here (see Stats from last season) decayed to p2 75lp tho (didn't play) Pretty sure we can rush d3+ if we build up synergie. I'm Also down to do Rakan/Xayah or Morg/Cait add me @zemljovina997 I'm online alot atm. so i'd like to spamm if you are down 2
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