Silver Players: I want YOU for a new team

Hello, I am looking to START a fresh team. I will act as the coach, and therefore I am looking to recruit ALL ROLES. I have a high understanding of the game, macro, objectives, laning, match-ups and vision control. I have been a support player since season 3, and play on an amateur team currently. I also have a Twitch stream and YouTube channel, focused around teaching players how to win and climb. Before you apply: - I am English, so the players for the team would need to have good English. - Players must have a working mic, and Discord. A premade bot lane would be perfect, but not essential. Same for mid and jungle. - Any rank (I will trial some high bronze players) through to Silver 1. - Your champion pool isn't too important, but you must be willing to try new champions and practice these champions if the team comp we draft needs it. - It doesn't matter if this is your first team - I will help you with experience. - We will train in Flex Queue primarily, with some scrims and even tournaments lined up in the future. - Have a flexible schedule. It doens't matter which days you can play, so long as you have about 4 or 5 POTENTIAL nights you can train. As a coach, I will: - Provide in depth analysis of in game stats and offer one to one training and one to two coaching to players that need it. - Discuss with the team to construct multiple compositions and assist in draft phases. - Teach the players how to better play their roles and the comps. - Provide a friendly environment for the team to work together and improve as a 5. (Unless you are late to practice, flame your team mates, don't show interest, etc) If this is the case, I will turn into the bad guy. Any player wishing to try out should comment on this post with your role and rank, or add my account in client. Add the account Feìnt. I will interview and trial as many players as I can. There may also be sub positions available (the better performing player will start for our games, so don't be disheartened if you initially get given a sub role) Good luck! I hope to hear from you soon!
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