Thoughts on no Teamrankeds in season 7, lets rescue teamrankeds!!!

Riot Pls: Ranked Pls - 2017 Season Ranked Changes
New001 and ScuttleChris - leads on League of Legends - back again. A little over a month ago, we announced a number of improvements to ranked while acknowledging that Dynamic Queue hasn't met the needs of many players. Today, we're ready to talk about what we're planning for the 2017 season.
First of all I wanna say it took me a lot of time and emotions writing this, and I even had some tears in my eyes for some reason. And I know it is a long text but I would really appreciate it, if you are reading the entire thoughts, thank you. I still cannot believe that Riot is about to do such a disasterous mistake once again !!! A few weeks ago riots announced that there will be no teamranked queue in season 7. One of their reasons is that there would not be the queue population or the game quality necessary for it. I personaly have to disagree with this. When I played teamranked with my friends we often found a game real quick, which makes me assume that the queue populaion can't be that bad. The other "reason" is that the game quality would be bad because low ranked players (e.g. bronze and silver) are playing with upper rankeds such as diamond. Personaliy I have to disagree here again. In my opinion some of the craziest things can happen when playing with your friends, especially when grouping up as 5 for a teamranked. I dont know how you guys are thinking about this, but when I think back to the craziest games I ever had I can just remember games I played with my friends in teamranked. And its not because the game quality was so bad that we played an under-20-min-stomp. NO!!! The best games, which we keep in our memories are those super long 80 minute games, which just refused to get finished and which made us all exhausted falling down in our chairs and for the one out of thousand games really meaning "GG fkin wp" not just writing it. Also I can't understand why it has to be such a difficulty to let players with bigger skill difference play rankeds with each other. RIOT PLEASE THINK ABOUT ONE THING: In your LCS and worlds trailers we so often hear pro-players saying how important such things like teamwork, trust ur teammates and friendship is. And now you want to say: Hey you can play with your friends but you won't be able to play ranked anymore you have to play normals if your ranks have a too huge gap between them, dont you ?!! If anyone from Riot is ever replying to this they now probably will say "If it means so much to you to play with your friends play normals" but ot is not about just gaming together. Those games will be worthless because after playing teamranked it will feel like something is missing. You wanna know what will be missing ? The competitive spirit, the drive that is in every single player who competes in a game regardless of which game. To make it simple, the thing that will be missing is the HEART!!! that every single one of us puts into this game. Even though I don't think there will be that many people reading this I hope that maybe some will and share it with their freinds, so that all of us teamranked-lovers maybe can save the queue we love. Thanks to everyone who took the time reading the entire thought.
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