Let's make a an unranked team!

Hey! I'm writting this because i want to make a team to make normal matches more fun. I thought i could be cool to play a few games together and then speak via Skype or something like that. I speak Spanish and English but if you don't speak this lenguages (how the hell are you reading this) it doesn't matter, because it sounds hella funny to try to communicate with someone speaking Korean XD. I have to say, I'm not really a... profesional player (ocasional feeding is warned). But I would like to have fun and give my best. Now, I have to say 3 things: 1. Give your best and DON'T GIVE UP. You can't ragequit or flame, and if we are gonna lose, we are gonna lose like fighters {{champion:23}} 2. Winning rules, but it must not be the reason why you play. Let's enjoy the game. even if their are breaking our a****. 3. Be nice and make everyone laugh lots! So, let's make a team ;D!
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