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The Chaos Vanguard
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The Chaos Vanguard is an extremely large Multi-Gaming community that strives to stamp its name into the online gaming world. With over 450 active members daily on teamspeak, we support a large variety of games such as Heroes of The Storm, Overwatch, CS:GO, Dota II, Archeage, Smite, H1Z1 and MORE. The Chaos Vanguard currently promotes both Social/Casual & Competitive play styles, we believe we can offer you the perfect community experience regardless of your playstyle. **Social/Casual** * Daily Inhouses with a chance to win prizes. * * Around the clock 5v5 normals, always plenty of people to play with! (24/7 16x IP boost!) * * Weekly Giveaways for activity (Lots of mystery skins!!) * * Plenty of people to DUO with regardless of rank! Not in the mood to play? Jump in one of our social groups and listen to music, share common interests and make new friends in a mature and safe enviroment. Fundays hosted EVERY Saturday and Sunday where we play Cards Against Humanity, Town of Salem and more! Bringing people together from all the variety of games we support. **Competitive Play** * Personal Ranked Team Channels (Your Team Name/ Your own password) * * Plenty of Free Agents inside the community (If you need replacements/subs you wont need to look far!) * * Plenty of people of high Elo to DUO with. * * Monthly LCS style tournaments hosted by CV, giving our teams the chance to improve while winning prizes. * * Opportunities in coaching, either become a coach to help lower players or get coached yourself to improve your gameplay! * * Clan vs Clan Matches, get your chance to represent our community by facing off against other communities! Here below is our inhouse schedule, every inhouse is hosted by our staff members to ensure a fun and safe enviroment to chill out everynight and meet more people! We host extra inhouses everyday but these are the official scheduled ones we do every day. You might ask what are Inhouses? Inhouses are events held exclusively for CV members in hope to bring our members some fun every single day! **DAILY INHOUSE SCHEDULE** Monday - Mixed Game Modes @ 20:00CET Tuesday - Mixed Game Modes @ 20:00CET Wednesday - ARAMS @ 20:00CET Thursday - Mixed Game Modes @ 20:00CET Friday - ARAMS @ 20:00CET Saturday - Mixed Game Modes @ 20:00CET Sunday - Mixed Game Modes @ 20:00CET Don't misss out on the fun! if you apply to join you can still participate in the inhouse that day! (If it's before the inhouse time ofcourse!) We hold larger tournaments like our ARAM Tournament where we will be giving our 1000RP to the Winners and the Triumphant Ryze skin! Don't miss out by signing up on all the fun by signing up today! We have plenty to offer in CV for casual and competitive, Level 1 or Challenger. Regardless of level or skill we have something for you. **Requirements** * You must be atleast 16 years old or older. * Must Have a Working Microphone. * Must Have TeamSpeak 3. * Must be able to understand/speak English. **How to Join** If you meet all the requirements above then please head on over to our website to fill out a quick and easy application! One of our staff members will respond in MINUTES, we feel it's important to get you in the game and playing with our members as fast as possible, there is no lengthy interview, a short introduction talk and you're on your way. **Website-** If you get lost and you're unsure what to do, please just jump onto our TS and poke anyone with the League of Legends/Riot badge, we'd be happy to help. **Teamspeak-** Further questions or stuck but a little bit shy? Feel free to add one of our dedicated League of Legends staff members in game or on teamspeak to have a quick chat, they'll be happy to answer any questions you may have! GAME LEADERS EUW Crow TS: Crow IGN: CV Crow EUNE ValyXu TS: ValyXu IGN: ValyXu NA SENIOR MODERATORS EUW Geo TS: Geo IGN: CV Geo Snoopy TS: Snoopy IGN: CV Snoopy NA Allurial TS: Allurial IGN: Allurial/BKFries EUNE MODERATORS EUW Dieseldodger TS: Dieseldodger IGN: Dieseldodger CupCakeSusie TS: CupCakeSusie IGN: CV CupcakeSusie Dannyfp3 TS: Dannyfp3 IGN: Dannyfp3 R Forgiven TS: R Forgiven IGN: R Forgiven Buba TS: BubaV2 IGN: BubaV2 Storkarnas TS: ♥Lady boy♥ (Storkarnas Kung) IGN: Storkarnas Kung Sneeuw is koud TS: Sneeuwiskoud IGN: sneeuw is koud Wingall TS: Wingall IGN: CV Wingall NA EUNE Layfri TS: Layfri IGN: Layfri VelociRapi TS: VelociRapi IGN: CV VelociRapi RECRUITERS EUW Classyaware TS: Classyaware IGN: Cv Classyaware Mulla TS: Mulla IGN: Mr Mulla Mulla / CV Mulla LoopyLamaaa TS: LoopyLamaaa IGN: LoopyLamaaa DemonBytes TS: DemonBytes IGN: DemonBytes Ezumi TS: Ezumi IGN: Ezumi iMrTiddles TS: iMrTiddles IGN: iMrTiddles Menkkis TS: Menkkis IGN: menkkamies NA GAStormes TS: GAStormes IGN: GAStormes Kanade Tachibana TS: Kanade Tachibana IGN: Kanade Tachibana I Only Support TS: I Only Support IGN: OMG Thresh WTF Wedjet TS: Wedjet IGN: wedjet EUNE maYham TS: maYami IGN: Playing Gôd Grymwolf TS: Grymwolf IGN: Grymwolf
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