Serious team LF Jungler + adc

Hi me and my friends are making a team which we are willing to improve with and stay a long time with. Top - XUV Losgeld - Plat 2 Jungle - Open Mid - XUV Dittopowr - Plat 3 ADC - Open Support - XUV Mëzo - Plat 5 What im looking for in an adc : Know when to trade good farming talk alot (especially with the support) positioning What im looking for in a jungler : Know when to gank and how to gank ( countergank ) be able to smite well talk with the lanes possibly shotcall. You must be active and speak english properly. If you're interested in joining fill this in and post it in the thread. Summoner Name : Country : role : Champion Pool : Current Soloqueue status : Teamranked experience :
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