[Team Hericide] Looking for a dedicated Coach!

COACH We need a dedicated coach who is passionate about improving as a coach and helping the team out as well. We need help with team play,shot calling,rotations, communications etc. The coach is a crucial part of the team and a well organized team needs a good coach to improve and progress. IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: 1) BE ACTIVE + ON A LOT (Obviously we have outside commitments) 2) Speak fluent English - Communication is an important part of a team 3) Dedicated and passionate - It will take a long time to get somewhere so stick with it As a team we are hoping to reach platinum individually as well as a team in the ranked teams. Currently the ranks are: Top: THC Nug - Silver 5 Jungle: N/A Mid: THC JamaicanGold - Gold 5 ADC: THC Haze - Gold 1 Support: THC Cusoon - Gold 4 APPLICATION IGN: Role: Rank: Age: Country: Hobbies: Champion Pool: Team experience: What you bring to the team: Please fill these in/add me ingame: THC JamaicanGold Peace
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