League of Legends team looking for a support player (around gold)

Matt (@Matt_ADC) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Matt (@Matt_ADC). Captain and ADC of @SleeplessGG League of Legends team. Birmingham
Hi all, My name is SE Belasaz and I am currently the Top laner for Sleepless eSports, we are a new team looking at building a good roster and making very good progress with our individual skill and as a team. We are currently looking for a support player to fill that final spot on our squad and our only requirements are: - Be willing to learn from mistakes - Be a good communicator - Be a good listener - Around Gold in soloQ - Be able to build a good rapport with all members of the team, especially our AD! - Be able to play multiple champions To contact us, please add SE IRampage or get in touch on twitter via @Matt_ADC or contact myself on the client (Piankbeard) Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. SE Belasaz

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