Team Doctor looking for a new midlaner (Prefered Silver-Gold)

**Hello fellow summoners!** We are currently looking for a new midlaner to join our roster! If this is something that interests you then please fill out the form bellow (Or write your own introduction, but all these must be answered) * Summoner name: * Current and previous season rank: * Champion pool: * Strength/Weakness: * Why would you like to join the team: Looking forward to your answers and you can also add me ingame if you have any questions: Dr Seuss (You will also most likely be asked to do a name change later on if you join the team) **Update!** We have now found the people that we think fitt and we won't be accepting more people to try out, If you did not get accepted or answered then I am sorry but you were probably not what we were looking for, Thank you everyone and good luck on the rift!
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