Cobra eSports Tournament #2 Summoners Rift EUW

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Greetings fellow League player! Cobra eSports is hosting a Summoners Rift Tournament, a 5v5 pre-made teams and free agents tournament where everyone's fighting against each other to become victorious, and win the tournament along with prizes. If you do not have a team, then fear not! You can simply just sign yourself as a free agent and we will drag you into a team! If you do not register at both websites, then there will be a chance of you not getting to play and/or receive the prizes if you win. So please remember to do so as we can not go back once the tournament is started. [Battlefy]( [Riot's event page]( Remember to follow us for updates and more: Battlefy: Twitch: We also own a Discord server: Discord: We can offer you voice channels for you and your team, we have a public lobby where players wish the opponent good luck. Just ask one of the @Tournament Staff, @Administrators or the @Owner. If any error occurs, then feel free to private message any from the @Tournament Staff team as they will be available to assist you, in our Discord server. But please read our rules before playing, the rules can be found here Kind regards and best of luck in the field of justice, Cobra eSports Team

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