Diamond Elo Players looking for Jungler for Ranked Team S6

Hi guys, We are currently looking for a jungler for our team. We already got a Jungle main but he said that he would like to let someone else jungle besides him. He will alternate between roles then. Of course we don't mind if you can't play everday as it's perfectly normal that some people don't have time to play ranked every single day (would be good though). We have a SoloQ Diamond Jungle main, a SoloQ Diamond ADC main, two SoloQ Diamond Toplaner, a SoloQ Diamond Mid and a Diamond SoloQ Support/3v3 Diamond Support (he didnt have enough time for ranked last season), . If you decide to join us but get to the conclusion that we are not getting anywhere you're free to leave the game again, we're not forcing you to stay. If you are interested just post your summoner name under this post, I will contact you. Or you just add me if you want to.

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