LF people

Last season i was G4 towards the end, i won't 8/2 in my placements this season and got into B1. After 1 month and around 140 games i have reached P5 which was my end target, but as i got it so early I am going to be trying to look for a 3v3 team to aim at getting high plat low diamond. As well I main Mid and jungle to get plat, so wouldn't mind looking for a 5 premade team from high gold - plat who is willing to play at set times and days. For the 5 premade team I would probably prefer to play support, as I am starting to get into leona and janna. In S5 i mained adc so i know what people look for inside a support and i know how to play it to a decent level. If anyone is interested in any of this add me on league IGN - cracklier
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