[LREE] Creating New Serious Team, Searching For Jungler And Top. (G3-P3)

Hello there summoners! Let's get straight to the point, shall we ?. We are searching for flexible, friendly and serious players from G2 to P2 who would like to take Jungler's And Top's spot in our team, requirements would be: 1. Play with team at least 10 hours a week (There will be a schedule). 2. Come on time when schedule is created (This is the one most of the ranked teams fail to achieve) 3. Your rank should be Gold 2 - Plat 2. 4. You have to have a microphone which is clear (Not crystal clear, but that we could understand you) and fluent english, so you would call out and listen to our calls. 5. You will have to listen to IGL (In Game Leader). Therefore IGL will have to listen to your offers and then decide. 6. Flexibility is very important, your "can play" champions pool should be 4 or higher. 7. Friendly, clearly no flaming and no raging, it will put everyone into bad mood.. If you see any problems in someone's playing style, try to tell that politely, or tell that to me and then we will have an open chat together about it. 8. To be added later. If you are searching for this kind of team, we look forward to having you with us! Post the form on this thread and we will contact you. How old are you ?: Where are you from ?: What's your english skills (from 1 to 5) ?: What's your main champ ?: What are the champions you can play (keep in mind that we might require you to learn a new champ) ?: What's your division ?: How much time a week can you spend with the team ?: Are you interested in participating in tournaments ?: Tell us a little about yourself! : Have a nice day! :) Schedule will be created later.
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