Looking for teammates for 3 vs 3 flex and 5 vs 5 flex EUNE

Hi.I was p2 peak this season i don't play to much ranked 200 games this year so it's fine by me..By Riot forcing a hand with only blind pick and destroying every tactic you may have during a pick and ban phase and actually control a game from pick ban phase i stopped playing normals and only ranked..That's they goal from Riot they forced and we must do it... So that's why i want to play with people who know to play a game right i am not 100 % about win if we play right and loose its ok i just dont wanna be mixed anymore with bronze silvers vs higher elo because it's not fair and matchmaking is close to 0 how it works during this pre-season... Anyone who wants to play who is at least platinum for 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 add me to play. I also play alots of aram so anyone who wants to premade aram add me to.... http://www.real-sword.com/images/13361448230%20(11).jpg

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