Looking for love aka someone to play with

Afternoon fellow Summoners! I'm Dave, a relaxed busy person with limited free time. :( I'm currently very lonely on the Rift, and I'm looking for some loving! Since my Bromance left gaming for work :( Oh, and my partner may join in on conversations at times or games depending on if she's up for it. I'm as I said a relaxed person, but can get quite riled up, usually in a friendly banter way. Enjoying a good laugh and having fun while drinking whiskey and snuggling with mah cats. Currently sitting in Gold 4, since I've stopped playing ranked for the time being, but can be persuaded ;) I'm in dire need of someone who enjoys a friendly banter while playing some game(s). So if you fit into the following, dont hesitate to call me... maybe... You get the point ;) Good sense of humor 18+ (I do enjoy R-rated jokes...) Easy going Sex doesn't matter Gold+ is prefered, but not a must Call me!

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