Hi all! I would like to offer some free coaching sessions to one (1) bronze/silver player. I am Gold V right now and have a good knowledge of the game mechanics in all roles,especially jungle and adc,if you happen to be any other role don't be intimidated as you may be chosen. The ideal candidate should be available in the morning 8-12 GMT,be willing to take criticism ,practice basic mechanics outside the match until target are reached with consistency and have a stream setup as the delay is significantly lower. I will be spectating your games and give you in game advice and discuss mechanics and decision making during the game,after the game we will be going through more detailed mechanics depending on the role and improvement areas. The typical coaching session will last around one 30 min / 1 hour depending on the in game lenght: game time + coaching theory + coaching practice, Skype/Discord/Teamspeak are highly preferred . To be considered write down your story,your roles ,your main champions and your in game name. I am going to add the player I am going to coach ** DO NOT ADD ME IN GAME,AS YOUR REQUEST WILL BE REFUSED AND YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.**
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