Ranked 5v5 (Gold Elo) Team Looking for Players

Hello, I'm Forsa (IGN: ItzForsa) I'm creating a ranked 5v5 team, so far I've only contacted players in Gold, if you're high Silver I'll also trial you. It's gonna be a serious team for ranked, but I'm looking to create a group of friends that just like to enjoy the game together. Just pm me in-game (ItzForsa) and if I think you fit in, I'll put you in the team. Team so far: Top: Zatailex (Dunkelfurz) Jungle: Çhaòs Mid: W5 seetong ADC: ItzForsa Support: ZiggsBinLaden If you still want to join, the chance somebody will miss some matches is present so being sub is kind of a pretty decent option.
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