Coach course, improve draft, communication, and team objectives.

Hi Im looking for students for my course which teach you how to become a League of legends coach. In my course I'll talk about how to draft and communicate with your team, this will be split up into 2 lessons. After the 2 lessons, you will be granted a google sheet i have been using for my last teams, which is super helpfull and will give you a nice overview over the team. About myself, i have been coaching for 2 years in lower diamond to high master. Im currently a coach for a danish master tier team, and i have been mentored myself by DreamerZs challenger team coach. This will be a paied service, if you are interested in taking your league coaching to the next level, contact me via. E-mail: Discord: Hebsgaard #0599 Ign(EUW): Hebs guard
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