LF someone to play with in ranked :)

_**[My greetings](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/r0j9oR7Cewo/maxresdefault.jpg) :)**_ **Who am I and why I'm searching for a friend to play with?** I'm a support main on EUW at Silver 4 (It sucks I know :D). I was born in -98 so you don't have to consider me as a shouting little kid xD I'm not too boring to play with and my jokes (if I even make one) are petty bad but not the worst ^^ My good sides are: I won't yell at you, mostly never complaining, doing my best to stay positive (in my mood and stats), and I play because I enjoy it. Bad sides: I'm not a pro who gets to LCS and I still have a lot to learn of this game. I'm looking for a friend to play because my classmate, who I've been playing with, is busy in real life :/ **What do I play?** My main champions are: Soraka, Leona and Nami. I can also play with Bard and Thresh (if necessary). I'm just not so interested in those 2 champs so I don't play them :D If I can't get the supp role, I'll go mid. That's a lane that I've played pretty much in EUNE and some time ago in EUW too :) (Champions like: Anivia, Ahri, Kayle) **What do I expect from you?** Just don't suck or shout all the time xD If you make a few small mistakes once in a while I won't complain. You can play any role you want but just don't troll and go support because that would be pretty bad for me :p This is NOT a must, but if you do have a chance to do voice chat, please do :) I usually use Skype and TS3 (I can also get something else if you insist) **Any last words?** Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to play with you soon. You can send a friend request to Lersuu if you're interested. Or you can just comment here :) If you have any questions, I'll try to answer you asap.

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