United Kingdom based Team - [Team Extremity] Looking for a Jungler!!

Hey there! Just a quick introduction, we are a couple of friends trying to create a stable team, so far we have had some experience with ranked teams, however they always seem to fail due to a member leaving, therefore I myself, along side my team-mates, will think thoroughly before assembling the final team. We are all about 16 and are based From Silver 1 - Gold 2. We will have a couple of try out games in normals to get to know you a little more, and also to see if your personality fits our atmosphere. The skill will most likely not matter as long as you know what you're doing to a certain extent, but what will matter more is your attitude towards the game and how you approach certain situations, so be aware we are not only looking for good mechanical skill, but also good behavior and attitude. We will only accept you, if you fully main the role you apply for!! Requirements: -Be at least Silver 5, up to gold 1. -Be able to come on at least 4 days a week, and be consistent. -Tournaments are on Wednesday and Sunday, 6PM UK time. -Flaming is a no go, so please don't. -Must have TS. -Be able to speak fluent English, this is vital as communication is you know, somewhat important. We need (a): Jungler Thank you.
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